All About Dental Bonding

All About Dental Bonding
Posted on 03/27/2017

Bring Back Your Smile With Your Dentist Near Galesburg, MI


Cosmetic dental problems are common and happen over time. If you have small imperfections on your teeth, like chips, cracks, or stains, you may be looking to improve the look of your teeth without an invasive dental procedure. At Briarwood Valley Dentistry we can help restore teeth that have been damaged or discolored with dental bonding. What is dental bonding? It’s a fast, non-invasive procedure that can restore your teeth back to brilliance. Our Kalamazoo dentist uses dental bonding because it can yield natural-looking results for a better-looking smile.

How Dental Bonding Can Help

Dental bonding is a common cosmetic procedure used by general and cosmetic dentists to improve the appearance of teeth. It involves “bonding” tooth-colored resin to the surfaces of damaged teeth. Dr. Hanna will choose a color of resin that matches the natural shade of your teeth. Our dentist has used dental bonding successfully to correct various conditions including chips, cracks, and staining.

Our patients in Kalamazoo and Galesburg, MI prefer bonding to crowns or veneers because it rarely requires removing any of the original tooth structure. Also, the process usually takes less than an hour which means you can leave our Kalamazoo office with a brand new natural smile in no time!

Contact Your Dentist In Kalamazoo, MI

If you would like to learn more about dental bonding or would like to schedule a consultation at our office, contact us at (269) 343-3203 or use our appointment request form. We proudly restore smiles of those in Kalamazoo, IL and surrounding towns like Galesburg, MI and Portage, MI. We hope to see you in our office soon!