Combat the Four Causes of Bad Breath

Combat the Four Causes of Bad Breath
Posted on 04/22/2016
Bad breath is one of the most common oral health complaints and it can also be one of the most challenging to get rid of or avoid. This is because bad breath has numerous potential causes. If you or someone you know struggles to manage bad breath, this quick guide to the main causes of bad breath can help you combat it.

Poor Oral Hygiene 

A thorough oral hygiene routine should be a part of everyone’s day, but if you choose to skip over brushing your teeth or flossing, you’re setting yourself up to get bad breath. Brushing and flossing cleans away leftover food particles that if left alone, can turn into harmful bacteria and plaque that not only causes decay, but also gives off an unpleasant smell.

Food Choices

Coffee and even strong black tea can cause bad breath, as can onions, pungent cheeses, heavily spiced food, and dishes with lots of garlic.  Some foods with particularly strong smells, can enter your bloodstream as your body is digesting them, and that smell can manifest itself in your breath long after you’ve eating it.  To minimize your chances of getting bad breath from food, just make sure you brush and floss immediately after eating to get rid of those food particles that can amplify the smell.


Cigarette smoking can cause bad breath to develop very quickly. Just minutes after finishing a cigarette, smokers are likely to reach for a stick of gum or a few breath mints. These measures are not going to solve the problem though they may mask it for a short period. Rinsing with mouthwash or brushing your teeth are better solutions, but are still temporary.  Your best option is to try to kick the habit altogether, which is difficult, but worth it in the long run for your overall health.

Persistent Dry Mouth

Many people are unaware that someone with dry mouth is more likely to suffer from bad breath. Poor saliva production prevents the mouth’s natural self-cleaning functions. Dry mouth can be associated with aging, certain prescription medications, and some health conditions. If you suspect you might be suffering from dry mouth, speak with your doctor or dentist. Your dental health care provider in particular can provide additional information regarding the causes of bad breath that might be affecting you.