Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo

Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo

If you would like to have a mouth full of pearly whites at all times, then you might be interested in professional teeth whitening services at Briarwood Valley Dentistry. With routine trips to the dentist and some at-home dental care, you can achieve teeth whitening that lasts. For teeth whitening in Kalamazoo, Briarwood Valley Dentistry invites you to schedule your first appointment at your earliest convenience. We are happy to accommodate your schedule. Our staff can perform teeth whitening on the same day as your first visit.

Can I Whiten My Teeth at Home?

Whiten your teeth at home with a whitening-type toothpaste, an abrasive agent, such as baking soda, and a mouth rinse, such as peroxide. How you decide to whiten your teeth depends on which sort of whitening you are hoping to accomplish and what is on your teeth currently.

While starting with a teeth whitening toothpaste or peroxide rinse will be noticeably effective, going to the dentist will generate a stronger formulation to help further whiten your teeth. A combination of having a proper diet, brushing every day, and using a peroxide rinse in conjunction with a whitening toothpaste will remove most superficial stains; this will automatically promote teeth whitening.

However, if the whitening isn't sufficient from the mouth rinse and toothpaste, you may also use a baking soda toothpaste or even raw banking soda with your existing toothpaste; this will help to provide a little more abrasiveness to prevent further staining and to whiten the teeth.

What if My DIY Teeth Whitening Doesn't Work?

If you find that the materials represented here - the peroxide rinse, the toothpaste, and the baking soda - are not working to your satisfaction, then you really need to visit a dentist so that we can prescribe a stronger formulation of teeth whitening so that they can adequately whiten your teeth for you.

How Does a Dentist Do Teeth Whitening?

When you visit a dentist for teeth whitening in Kalamazoo, the dentist will typically make you a teeth whitening solution - like dental trays - that are trays that slide over your teeth. Using a tray with a stronger formulation of whitening peroxide gel, your dentist applies the gel in the tray and places the tray over your teeth. You will wear the tray from anywhere between 30 minutes up to several hours to get the best whitening effect.

There are many ways that you can brighten your teeth at home, and there are many techniques that we use at Briarwood Valley Dentistry to provide teeth whitening in Kalamazoo.

Make Your Teeth White All Year Long

Some of the techniques of teeth whitening are as simple as just brushing your teeth more, using a peroxide rinse twice a day, and using baking soda in conjunction with annual or twice-annual trips to the dentist for teeth whitening.

Between routine dental checkups, whitening appointments, and at-home care, you should be able to enjoy a beautiful set of pearly whites all year long.

Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo
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