There are many things that can go wrong with your smile. Luckily, we have many ways to fix them too. One of the restorations we use most often is the humble dental crown. Also sometimes called a “cap,” it’s quite versatile because it covers your entire tooth. 

It’s an easy fix to many smile problems – one that doesn’t require a surgical procedure, repeated trips to our office, or lots of complicated planning. In most cases, insurance covers at least part of the procedure. To see if you need a crown, call Briarwood Valley Dentistry at 269-349-3203

In the meantime, see some of the ways we use crowns to improve your smile:

  • Fixing Cavities – While a simple filling can repair small cavities, it’s best to use a crown for larger ones.
  • Mending Cracks and Breaks – Cracked and broken teeth look bad and make it difficult to chew food. Even worse, they make it possible for bacteria to get inside a tooth and cause a painful infection. A crown restores your tooth’s healthy appearance and function and cuts off the entry point for bacteria. 
  • Protecting Tooth After a Root Canal – If you’ve had a root canal procedure, a crown strengthens and protects your tooth afterward.
  • Repairing a Missing Tooth – When attached to a dental implant, a crown can fill a gap left by a missing tooth. Implant-supported restorations feel and function more like natural teeth than other teeth replacements. 
  • Covering Cosmetic Imperfections – Sometimes a crown is a better choice than a veneer or bonding to hide a cosmetic problem like a misshapen or discolored tooth. 

Ready to get your smile in great shape with a crown or other restoration? Call 269-349-3203 now for an appointment in our Kalamazoo, MI office. We’ll help you find the solution that works best for you!