Prepare for Implants With Bone Grafts in Kalamazoo

If you are missing several or all of your teeth, you might be interested in dental implants to restore your smile. However, in order for this to be possible, you need a strong base to support them. If you don’t have enough jawbone to do so, we offer a solution with bone grafts in Kalamazoo. During this procedure, we will:

  • Improve the strength of your jawbone
  • Put you at ease with our calming and accepting environment
  • Give you music to listen to throughout the procedure, if you’d like
  • Offer privacy with our closed-door operatories
  • Get you on the right track to have a complete smile

With Dr. Hanna’s 30 years of experience treating patients, you can rely on her to get your oral health back on track. Call us today at 269-349-3203 to schedule an appointment.

Improve Jawbone Health & Reclaim Your Smile

We know how important it is to have a fully functioning set of teeth. However, bone grafts are often a necessary procedure when you don’t have a strong foundation for your implants. If you have allowed a long time to pass after experiencing tooth loss, you will have suffered bone loss in your jaw. Here is how a bone grafting procedure works:

  • Dr. Hanna will place a small amount of bone material – either yours, synthetic bone, or bone from a donor – into the areas of your jaw where it is weak.
  • You will receive a computer-assisted anesthetic that numbs you so you won’t feel any discomfort.
  • Afterward, your own body gets to work. It will take time for your jawbone to grow enough to be prepared for the implant procedure, as well as time for it to fully heal.
  • Once you have a good foundation for implants, Dr. Hanna will work with you on the next steps for getting your dental implants.

You don’t need to worry when you come to our dental office for your bone grafting in Kalamazoo. Dr. Hanna has extensive experience improving the jaw health of patients and is a member of Vedder Society of Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics. Call us today at 269-349-3203 to schedule an appointment and get your smile back.