TMJ Treatment in Kalamazoo Will Ease Your Jaw Pain

You may have all the classic symptoms of TMJ problems – jaw pain and popping, neck and shoulder tension, and unexplained headaches. If this sounds like you, you may benefit from TMJ treatment in Kalamazoo. Over her many years of practice experience, Dr. Lorraine Hanna has helped untold numbers of patients feel better. Our treatment with a custom oral appliance can help you as well by:

  • Relieving tension on your jaw joints
  • Reducing or eliminating headaches and migraines
  • Stopping harmful teeth grinding
  • Allowing you to rest easier and sleep better

Get the relief you deserve by calling Briarwood Valley Dentistry today at 269-349-3203. We welcome patients from around the area, including those from Portage, Mattewan, Oshtemo, Texas Township, and Schoolcraft.

Feel Better With TMJ Therapy

Most people don’t pay much attention to their TMJs (temporomandibular joints), at least not until they start hurting and causing problems. These complex joints sit on either side of your skull and connect your upper and lower jaws. They make it possible to chew, talk, laugh, yawn, and sing. However, if your TMJs become inflamed and irritated, you can experience a great deal of pain.

The team at Briarwood Valley Dentistry can help, however. We want to improve your quality of life! Dr. Hanna will have a custom oral appliance made for you that will:

  • Fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep, moving your lower jaw slightly forward
  • Relieve tension on your TMJs so they can begin to heal
  • Reduce your headaches and tension in your neck and shoulders
  • Keep you from grinding your teeth and damaging your tooth enamel

With our treatment, you won’t need any invasive procedures such as surgery. Plus, your mouthguard will be small and you can easily carry it along on trips.

Relief is waiting for you at Briarwood Valley Dentistry, so call us today at 269-349-3203 to schedule a consultation for TMJ treatment. You can also request an appointment online for TMJ help or for a routine checkup.