Dental Crowns & Bridges in Kalamazoo Will Get Your Smile Back in Shape

You don’t have to live with a less-than-perfect smile. If your teeth are causing you problems – in other words, they’re decayed, damaged, or missing altogether – the team at Briarwood Valley Dentistry can lend a hand. Using the restorative power of dental crowns and bridges in Kalamazoo, we can rebuild your smile so it’s as good as new. Dr. Hanna and our team have the skills and expertise you want in a restorative dental office. With a new crown or bridge, we can help you:

  • Eat and enjoy a wider variety of delicious foods again
  • Smile with more confidence when mingling and socializing
  • Improve your oral health and total body health
  • Look younger, more attractive, and more robust
  • Make your romantic moments more relaxed and enjoyable
  • Improve your overall self-esteem
  • Aid your digestion through more complete chewing

Get your smile back on track with our expert help! Call Briarwood Valley Dentistry today at 269-349-3203 to schedule an appointment. We’re conveniently located behind KinderCare on West Main Street in Kalamazoo. We also welcome patients from the surrounding areas of Portage, Mattewan, Oshtemo, Texas Township, and Schoolcraft.

Revive Your Smile With a Crown or Bridge

Crowns and bridges are versatile dental restorations that give us many ways to repair and rebuild your smile. If you’re suffering from dental damage, they can reconstruct your smile and give you back a strong bite.

Here’s how the process works for getting a new crown:

  • We’ll take digital impressions of your mouth and send them to our lab partner, who will make your crown to exact specifications.
  • Most of the time, crowns are crafted from beautiful and sturdy porcelain, as this material closely mimics the light-reflecting qualities of natural teeth.
  • Your crown will be shipped back to our office, and you’ll return to have it placed.
  • Dr. Hanna will ensure the crown looks great and fits perfectly and that you’re satisfied with the results.

The process is similar if you need a dental bridge. Your bridge will consist of crowns on either end, which will be fitted over your existing teeth. There will be one or more artificial teeth in the middle (known as pontics). Dr. Hanna will need to modify your anchor teeth to make room for the bridge. Then she will secure it in place and make sure it functions as it should.

Dr. Hanna can also work with an oral surgeon, using a crown or bridge to replace missing teeth after dental implants have been placed in your jaw.

After you get your new crown or bridge, your chewing capacity will be restored and you’ll have a beautiful smile to show off to everyone. Just brush and floss as you normally would and see us every six months for a checkup. Doing so will help your new restoration last for many years.

Don’t suffer with damaged or missing teeth! For dental crowns and bridges in Kalamazoo, call Briarwood Valley Dentistry today at 269-349-3203 to schedule an appointment.