Invest in Your Oral Health With Kalamazoo Dental Implants

When you’ve lost several or all of your teeth, whether it’s a result of an infection, injury, or disease, it changes your life. Eating isn’t the same anymore, and you might even feel self-conscious when you smile or laugh. It’s time to change all that with dental implants in Kalamazoo. This procedure will:

  • Give you a complete smile you love showing off to the world
  • Allow you to enjoy all your favorite crunchy foods again
  • Restore your confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your oral health and jawbone health
  • Enhance your quality of life

Getting implants is a life-changing experience that can give you back what you’ve been missing. Call today at 269-349-3203 to schedule an appointment.

Reclaim Your Confident & Healthy Smile

Dental implants act just like your natural tooth roots. As you may know, your own teeth have roots that go into your jaw and provide support to your teeth. That’s exactly how implants function. After being placed into your jaw, these artificial tooth roots offer a strong foundation for your replacement teeth. Here’s what to expect with this procedure:

  • Dr. Hanna works with an oral surgeon, who will place the implants into your jaw. She’ll ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and that you know exactly what to expect.
  • After you receive your implants, your mouth and jaw will need time to heal. You’ll receive instructions on how to best keep the area clean and protected and which foods and activities to avoid.
  • Once you’ve healed, Dr. Hanna will restore your teeth. She’ll work with you on which options are the best fit for you and your smile. Before you know it, you’ll have a complete set of fully functioning teeth.

Before you start your implant procedure, you’ll need enough healthy bone in your jaw to support the implants. If Dr. Hanna finds that isn’t the case, she may recommend a bone grafting procedure to improve your jaw strength and prepare you for implants.

With over 30 years of experience treating smiles, Dr. Hanna is excited to be your partner in dental care! For dental implants in Kalamazoo, call us today at 269-349-3203 or request an appointment online.